101 Tax Savings Ideas, 7th Edition

There’s no doubt about it, tax laws are complicated and IRS pamphlets are confusing. Without a proper understanding of current tax laws, Americans are subject to tax scams and overpayment of their taxes. But where can they turn for help? Who can they trust?
With Certified Public Accountants charging $50 to $100 per hour, for tax advice, average American households turn to books to help them gather all their records and begin preparation for their taxes. While many tax book son the market are accurate, few are written in a language the average American can understand—until now!
101 Tax Savings Ideas is the most comprehensive, easy-to-understand tax book on the market!
It is broken down into 101 all-inclusive tips to help parents take advantage of current tax laws. Each tip not only makes the tax laws easy-to-understand, but the authors give examples to help further explain the tax laws. And the best part? It was written to help the average American family find ways to save on their taxes—things they didn’t even know they were entitled to write-off.
I’ve gone back through this book twice, as I gathered my tax records for my tax preparer, and I learned a few things I missed the first-time around. I would recommend this book for anyone looking to reduce their taxes: college students, married couples, small home businesses, families, and retired folks. There’s even a small section to help the recently divorced.
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101 Tax Savings Ideas, 7th Edition
By Julie Welch and Randy Gardner
ISBN: 0-9639734-6-0
Retail: $19.95
Wealth Builders Press, LLC
800 W. 47th Street
Suite 430
Kansas City, MO 64112



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