What To Bring With You To A Property Tax Attorney

When you schedule an appointment with a property tax attorney, you need to go to his office prepared. If you do not take along all the necessary documents and information, your first visit may be a waste of time and money causing a return trip with added fees. When you call the property tax attorney, you need to give your full name, property address as well as how to contact you if needed. Being prepared is very important when dealing with any tax information.

The lawyer needs to know everything about you in order to help you. You may even need to supply information about your business if you have issues with a commercial property. The attorney needs to know you completely if they are going to represent you to their best of their abilities. Many property tax attorney’s will have you fill out an extensive questionnaire before arriving at their office to cut down on time spent getting to know each other. This benefits you and the attorney. The more information the attorney has about you before the first meeting allows you to get down to business.

You will want to bring a copy of your past years property tax bill and the current year property tax bill. This is needed if you are having any issues with your tax bill. If you have a home or a commercial property, you will want to have all documentation pertaining to the building itself. If you are concerned about high property taxes or even the assessed value, you might even save time and find some information about other properties with equal fair market value that are lower or even higher than your property. The more information you have the faster the meeting will progress. This sis important if you are trying to save some time and money.

You may even have your own questions for a property tax attorney to help you decide if he or she is qualified to help you with your tax issues. You may want to know if the attorney has handled any cases similar to your case, how many of the cases were won and loss as well as what expertise he or she has in the field of property taxes. You may also want to know what the attorney thinks your chances are for winning your case after you going over all the details with you.

When you hire a property tax attorney, you want someone that will be there to represent you and tell you the facts no matter if it is good news or bad news. Once you establish a good relationship with a tax attorney, you should have a truthful working arrangement. The tax attorney can take you step by step through the processes that are needed for your particular tax issues and tell you approximately how long it should take to resolve any issues. Once everything has started, you should not switch attorneys or it could upset the process up to that point.



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